Club Championship 2018 - 2019

The club championship play off game has been won by Ian McLachlan. You can see the game here.

The groups have been won by Ian McLachlan and Scott Main respectively and they will play off for the championship.

Group 1 Results
Declan McLelland 1-0 Kai McIlroy
Ian McLachlan 1-0 Dave Stephens
Declan McLelland 0-1 Ian McLachlan

Group 2 Results
Alistair McLelland 0-1 Scott Main
Ken Laurie 1-0 Bill Strachan
Scott Main 1-0 Ken Laurie

This year's championship is based on a knockout formula. The contenders have been split into two groups and the winners of each group will play off for the championship.

Group 1 Group 2
Dave Stephens Alistair McLelland
Declan McLelland Bill Strachan
Ian McLachlan Ken Laurie
Kai McIlroy Scott Main