05-Jun-2017: Final Meeting of Season

Lanark Chess Club met for the final time this season on 05-Jun-2017. As a result of this a fun night was organised in which both the junior and adult members played in a fun tournament.The contestants were tested over three different game types, 5-minute blitz chess, blitz must-take and buzzer chess.

After six rounds, young Declan McClelland won the tournament after achieving a perfect score. Dave Stephens finished second with 5 points and there was a three-way tie for third between Alistair McClelland, Bernard Airlie and Kai McIlroy.

All had a great time and it was a fitting end to the season for Lanark. A huge thank you must go to Tom Donohue who organised the whole night.

21-May-2017: Junior Results

Last weekend two of Lanark's bright young stars, Declan McLelland and Adi Shital Zaveri, were playing in the U10 section in the West of Scotland Megafinal. Both played incredibly well and this is reflected in their scores. Declan won the section and Adi scored a brilliant 4.5/6. As a result of their excellent performances both Adi and Declan qualify for the Gigafinal which will be held in Manchester on the 15th of July this year. We wish them all the best in the next round and hope to hear of more success.

24-Apr-2017: AGM

Lanark Chess Club held its 72nd Annual General Meeting on Monday April 24th.

The Club has had another very successful year. Membership increased by 3 to 17; this makes a net increase of 6 over two years and this is at a time when membership of many chess clubs is declining.

The Lanark Open Chess Competition at the start of the season was a roaring success with record numbers attending. It is hoped that this can be repeated in 2017.

The Club entered three teams in the Lanarkshire Chess League this season - the A team came 2nd, the B team 5th and the C team 10th. An excellent outcome. Next season the Club plans to enter three teams again plus a team in the Scottish National Chess League.

In the junior club Declan McClelland won the Hunter Kennedy Shield for the second time.

The following members were elected to the Committee -

The Club meets on Monday evenings at 7.30pm in the Tolbooth, Lanark.

The Club closes for the summer break on May 29th and re-opens in September.

09-Dec-2016: Recent Results

Lanark 'A' played a home match against Hamilton recently. Lanark were the higher rated team and this proved to be the case in the games. Lanark scored a couple of points quite quickly putting them 2-0 ahead only needing a draw to win the match. Knowing this Alex McGown took a draw in an interesting endgame to confirm the victory for Lanark. The 'A' team went on to win the match 3½-½.

Lanark 'C' also had a home match but against East Kilbride 'B'. Again Lanark 'C' were out-graded on every board. Everyone played well but it proved difficult to win any points. The 'C' team lost the game 4-0. However a notable mention must go to Johnny Ramage on board 4 who put up a good fight and showed his potential. Hopefully Lanark 'C' will be able to get a result in their next result.

Lanark 'A' are still second only one point behind first place. Lanark 'B' are now fifth, however they have a couple of games in hand. Lanark 'C' are currently tenth.

08-Nov-2016: Recent Results

Recently the ‘A’ Team have been in action twice, first of all against Lanark’s own junior ‘C’ Team and against Stepps ‘B’, winning on both occasions 4-0 and 3-1 respectively.

These games were not as easy as they may first appear. The ‘C’ Team are all very dangerous players and played well but against a much stronger opposition it proved to be very difficult. However I’m sure we will see the ‘C’ Team cause a few upsets this year.

The ‘A’ Team’s game against Stepps ‘B’ was a very close affair with few obvious advantages presenting themselves for either team. Time then became a major factor in all the games and the ‘A’ Team were able to pull through with the victory.

Lanark ‘A’ are currently 3rd in the Lanarkshire League behind this year’s early pace setters Lanark ‘B’ and a very strong Stepps ‘A’ Team.

30-May-2016: 71st Annual General Meeting

On Monday May 30th Lanark Chess Club held its 71st Annual General Meeting.

The Committee was re-elected unaltered, namely
Bernard Airlie - President,
Ian Brownlee - Secretary and Competitions,
David Stephens - Treasurer,
Alexander Bond - Publicity.

In the season just finished, the Lanark Open Chess Competition was a very successful event and will be repeated over five Mondays in August 2016. The fund-raising event in December was a huge success and the Club was able to make a substantial donation to Lochaber Mountain Rescue.

Alexander Bond won the Club Championship (for the second time) and Bernard Airlie won the (re-named) Tom Brown Challengers' Prize. Also Alexander Bond has been selected to represent Scotland in the under-18 team later this year. In the junior section Declan McClelland won the Hunter Kennedy shield and he also won the Chess Challenge Mega Final and now qualifies for the Giga Final in Manchester.

In the Lanarkshire Chess League the "A" team came 3rd and the "B" team 8th.

Membership increased over the year and the club has a sound financial basis.

02-May-2016: Matches & Junior news

The 'B' Team has been in action twice in the Lanarkshire Chess League. On Monday April 18th they played against Stepps 'A' at home. Stepps 'A' is the top team in the League and out-graded Lanark on all Boards. Despite this, Alex McGown scored a good win on Board 3 when his opponent failed to make the first time check and Bill Perrie managed a draw in Board 4. The result was 2½-1½ in favour of Stepps.

A few days later, on Thursday April 21st, Lanark 'B' met Stepps 'B' in an away match. Again Stepps out-graded Lanark on all Boards and despite a brilliant win by George Brown on Board 1, the Lanark team lost 3-1.

Lanark 'B' have now played all their League games and finished the season in 8th place.

Lanark Chess Club has a thriving junior section and in the West of Scotland Chess Challenge Megafinal in Airdrie Declan McClelland scored an amazing 5½ points out of a possible 6 in his Under-9 section and not only won the Supremo title but also qualified for the Gigafinal later this year.

11-Apr-2016: Alexander Bond wins Club Championship

The early rounds of the annual Club Championship have been taking place over the last few months. After four tough rounds, on Monday April 11th the final match took place - between Alexander Bond (last year's winner) and Jim Smalls (who has won 5 times in previous years). This promised to be a mighty struggle and so it proved. Early on in the game the position was complicated and tense and what slight advantages there were seemed to ebb and flow to one player or the other. However in the first half of the game, Alexander Bond managed to win a couple of pawns and he was able to increase this advantage to three pawns in the end game. This gave him a decisive win. Congratulations to Alexander on keeping his crown. It has to be said that Alexander Bond is the Club's youngest senior member and is 16 years old. He is a very talented chess player.

04-Apr-2016: B Team Match against Cumbernauld

The Lanark 'B' Team had a terrific match against Cumbernauld in the Lanarkshire Chess League on Monday 4th April. Cumbernauld have some strong players and the team they sent out-graded Lanark 'B' on every Board. However a good win by Alex McGown on Board 3 set the tone. This was followed by an excellent draw by Scott Main on Board 1. The match hinged on Bill Perrie on Board 4 and after a long and complicated game, he managed to pressure his opponent into making a blunder. The overall result was a win for Lanark 'B' by 2½ - 1½ points.

21-Mar-2016: A & B Team Match Matches

Both 'A' and 'B' Teams have been in action again in the Lanarkshire Chess League. The 'B' Team played an away match against East Kilbride 'B'. The Lanark team was one player short for this match but good wins by Alex McGown and David Stephens produced a 2 - 2 draw.

The 'A' Team was to have played against Stepps 'B' but the visitors forfeited the match at the last minute. This was disappointing, but it did give Lanark a 4 - 0 victory. The 'A' Team has now played all its matches in the Lanarkshire Chess League and will probably finish the season in third position after all Clubs have played all their games. This will be a very creditable result.

07-Mar-2016: A Team Match against Stepps A

Lanark 'A' Team continued its campaign in the Lanarkshire Chess League on March 7th when Stepps 'A' were the opponents. Stepps 'A' is a formidable team and they have not lost a match so far this season and they only lost one match in the whole of last season. The stakes were high. All four Boards had tough games and Alexander Bond scored an excellent win on Board 2 and Ian Brownlee won in the dying moments of his game on Board 3. The overall result was therefore a 2 - 2 draw which was a terrific result.

29-Feb-2016: A Team Match against East Kilbride B

The 'A' Team was in action again this week, on February 29, this time playing against East Kilbride 'B' in the Lanarkshire Chess League. The Lanark players out-graded their opponents on all Boards but an uncharacteristic stumble on Board 2 produced a 3 - 1 win.

14-Feb-2016: A Team Match against Bellshill

On Feb 14 Lanark 'A' played against Bellshill in the Lanarkshire Chess League. This promised to be a tough match as Bellshill fielded three of their top players. In the event Lanark Board 2 (Alexander Bond) won quite quickly but Board 1 lost after a struggle. Board 4 held a slightly disappointing draw and the match hung on the result of Board 3 (Ian Brownlee). This game went to the wire and with only seconds to spare, Lanark won 2½ - 1½.

05-Feb-2016: A & B Team Matches against Hamilton

Both the 'A' and 'B' teams played against Hamilton Chess Club last week. Hamilton did not field a particularly strong team to face Lanark 'A' and Boards 1 and 2 scored fairly straightforward wins; however Boards 3 and 4 both played poorly and the overall result was a 2 - 2 draw. By contrast Hamilton presented a rather stronger team to play against Lanark 'B' and although they won 2½ - 1½, the Lanark players did extremely well to score draws on three Boards, losing only on Board 4.

21-Dec-2015: Tom Brown Memorial Evening

On Dec 21st Lanark Chess Club hosted a very successful event to raise funds for Lochaber Mountain Rescue who were central to the search for Tom Brown who disappeared 6 months age whilst hiking in Glen Nevis. The event was a display of simultaneous chess, in which one player plays everyone else all at the same time! Lanark Chess Club fielded 22 players of all ages and abilities to compete against Pat Coffey, a member of Hamilton Chess Club and rated in the top 50 players in Scotland. After 3 hours Pat had won 20 games and drawn 2 - an outstanding result! The club will now be able to donate something over £400 to Lochaber Mountain Rescue. The Club is particularly grateful to Pat Coffey, to all participants and to e everyone who donated cash, time and refreshments.

10-Dec-2015: East Kilbride 'A' -v- Lanark 'A'

On Dec 10 Lanark "A" played against East Kilbride "A" in an away fixture in the Lanarkshire Chess League. The hosts payed Lanark the compliment of presenting their top players for this match and it payed off for them, as they out-graded the visitors on all boards and they eventually won 4-0, but not without a struggle. In particular, on Board 4, Alex McGown, a new Lanark member, fought a terrific battle and only lost due to a simple error at the end of the game.